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Karin Cohen specializes in bridal make up and make up for women in special 
occasions from the understanding that for a perfect look, you need more than a successful dress. 
Karin has a background in psychology, which assists in understanding the hearts of brides and women during stressful and exciting events. 
"The secret of make up" explains Karin Cohen, make up artist of many celebrities like Karen Peles, Gal Gedot, Natalie Ataiya, Romy Abulafiyah and more, "is hidden in the ability to reveal the true beauty of every woman. When you compliment a made up woman on herself and not her make up, the magic, the secret of make up, worked!" 
She pulls her rich experience from the world of fame and fashion. In her first meeting with a client, Karin consolidates the style of the event which depends on natural details like the woman's personality, the personality of the event, and the current fashion trends. 
Karin is available for personal support and accompaniment throughout the event, this way you can be sure that those tears of joy won't dull your shine! 
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